Kiki Vanderhoos (the_byzantine) wrote,
Kiki Vanderhoos

poem: When Philoctetes in the Lemnian Isle. by Wllm Wordsworth

When Philoctetes in the Lemnian Isle
by William Wordsworth (1827)

WHEN Philoctetes in the Lemnian isle
Like a form sculptured on a monument
Lay couched; on him or his dread bow unbent
Some wild Bird oft might settle and beguile
The rigid features of a transient smile,
Disperse the tear, or to the sigh give vent,
Slackening the pains of ruthless banishment
From his loved home, and from heroic toil.
And trust that spiritual Creatures round us move,
Griefs to allay which Reason cannot heal;
Yea, veriest reptiles have sufficed to prove
To fettered wretchedness, that no Bastile
Is deep enough to exclude the light of love,
Though man for brother man has ceased to feel.
Tags: art/lit spotlight: poem
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